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ABOUT MEDIKABAZAARMedikabazaar is India’s first B2B (Business to Business) & B2C (Business to Customer) comprehensive platform for all medical and surgical needs. The company was established in the year 2014 by IIM alumnus who came up with the idea of forming one stop destination for all healthcare requirements.We help buyers to search, compare and buy from 10,000+ medical devices and consumable options for all health and wellness needs. Over 5,000 medical establishments are there to help sellers to post and sell their products online. Valuable feedback from both the buyers and sellers are always welcomed. Customers can also take part in live chat or call us to share their views and ideas. This will indeed help us to serve you better.
At Medikabazaar, we strive to provide sustainable solutions to improve health and well-being at every stage of life. The safe, effective and affordable products and services are designed to meet healthcare challenges and industry requirements. Our list of products and medicines help in preventing and curing diseases across a broad range of variation.
Good health is essential for all and we aim at improving our business policy; on operating with transparency in everything we do and deliver commitments to sellers, buyers and those who rely on us. We listen to the views of all involved in decision making and by working in participation; we ensure that people everywhere can have the access of innovative and quality treatment.

How do we help manufacturers?
Manufacturers are our valued providers. Taking your business into consideration, we dispense the products across the regions and geographies as well as provide adherence and conformity to the best standards of service. The accurate usage data are reported and sound inventory practices are maintained as well as contracted with most prayers.

Besides providing medical facilities to physicians, patients and their relatives, we also offer manufacturers’ inventory management support, highly efficient sales support, realization of payment, outcomes reporting and persistence or follow up monitoring.
Medical Establishments, Hospitals and Clinics
At Medikabazaar, we help medical establishments to get best value for their investment. The hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and other medical establishments are our valuable customers and service providers. We help them to select the best option from among our product range at an attractive and competitive price. Our products display ranges from healthcare equipments, medical devices, consumables and services. Visiting our range of 10000+ products on display and unlock the true potential of your investments.
Doctors and Medical Professionals
The doctors and medical professionals are our true torchbearers and opinion makers. Their reviews and feedbacks are considered as utmost important. At Medikabazaar, the doctors and medical professionals can choose the required product from among the best available options. In future, we are planning to expand our store for more. So, you can make most of our services!
We value and empower our customers to choose the best from the available options of products, brands, features and prices. They can compare and review products as well as share their feedback too. The customers can also have the access of our toll free number to discuss about a purchase and they can also have the advantage of taking part in live chats with our specialists. One can also choose the medical devices and equipments from our varied range of resale options.